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Key Hook Wristlet Tutorial

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Today... let's do something. yeah. Let's make a key chain tutorial. Oooohhh yeeah.

Alright, let's get this started!

First. Let's get your materials together.

You will need:

13" x 2" fabric

12.75" x 1.75" interfacing (here I am using Pellon 44F, other option is Pellon 906F)

Swivel key hook (the eye needs to be at least 1/2" wide)

Let's iron that interfacing on! Follow the directions! Interfacing can be tricky!

We need to fold this interfaced fabric.

You have two different options.

You can pick which one is easier.

Let's start with door #1.

You can measure 1/2", 1", 1/2" -- just make sure you have the 1" centered. Mark it, fold it, then iron.

Oh, door #1 sounds lovely, but seems like it would take awhile.

Now, let's open door #2.

Use a 1" bias tape maker, like this tape maker from Clover!

Ooo, much easier!

After you have it ironed...

Let's fold it in half!

I call this "hot dog style" not the "hamburger style" ... I love relating things with food!

Let's get that pinned!

We're going to sew it at 1/8" seam.

After you have one side stitched,

you want to make sure you stitch the opposite direction.

This is to make sure your fabric doesn't curl.

Let's loop that swivel key hook on!

Put the ends together, matching.

You want to set the presser foot on the middle of the fabric. So, you want to start sewing in the middle.

Stitch a couple stitches, then back stitch to the back, then forward to the front then back stitch.

It should finish like this.

Now move the swivel hook

I have the hook about 1/2" away from the seam that we just stitched.

Let's put it together.

We're going to do the same thing when we stitched the raw edge and start in the middle of the strap.

Stitch a couple stitches forward, then back stitch to the back, then forward to the front then back stitch.

WAIT!!! Don't cut your thread!

We're going to move it over 1/8" toward the swivel hook!

Start in the middle again and repeat

(Stitch a couple stitches, then back stitch to the back, then forward to the front then back stitch.)


You know how we start in the middle when we stitch? We don't want to start at the end because of the feed dogs kind of take over your bottom strap, and then it goes all crazy.

Here is an example:

That doesn't look as pretty. It still works, but not as pretty.

I took this apart later, but this is to show you that you need to start stitching in the middle!

It's so easy! just a little tip and trick from your pal, Nicole! *wink*

If you make it, can you let me know? I would really appreciate it!

Maybe hashtag it?

So I can find it and tell you how awesome you are, but you already know that.

If you don't want to make your own, that's A-OK!

You can also purchase a swivel key hook key chain right here!

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