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Kitty Rose Purse Test Pattern

I had the honor to test a pattern for Toriska! I have made a couple of her other patterns, and have really enjoyed them. This time, I tested the Kitty Rose Purse.

If you are interested in making a bag/purse, and new to the game, Kitty Rose is a pretty good one to start. I believe it's for intermediate sewers. When I say intermediate, I'm thinking, you know how to sew in a straight line, not afraid of zippers, and do okay on curve stitches.

Her pattern comes in three different sizes (small, medium, and large).

Toriska's Kitty Rose Purses. Pic credit; Toriska patterns
Toriska's Kitty Rose Purses. Pic credit; Toriska patterns

I tested out the small size, I took the picture of it on my shoulder so you have an idea of what it looks like on a person.

It took me almost 4 hours from cutting to completion (not including picture taking).

You have to take it slow on some parts because of the curves, and the pleats. But overall, it wasn't too bad. I think the the only tricky part for me was the top zipper. I wasn't sure if it was going to look okay when I was sewing it. But after sewing it, the finished result looked pretty awesome!

It's a super cute handbag for carrying some of your essentials and then some!

If you are interested in making this purse yourself, I totally recommend buying Toriska's pattern!

But if you want to purchase this purse that I have made, it's available for purchase here!

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