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These are the frequently asked questions about the Ni-Chern Designs referral program.

If these do not answer your question, please do not hesitate to contact Ni-Chern Designs.


How can I participate?

To participate in the referral program, you must have at least purchased an item from the shop at the original price, this is usually your first purchase.



How does the program work?


For each person that you refer, you receive 5% off of one item (excludes shipping). When you accrue the percentages, you do not have to use the discount all at the same time and/or the same item.

The person that you refer, they must let me know who referred them at the time of purchase. This way, I would know who to give the discount to. It does not count for previous customers. Referral program starts at the time that you let me know you want to participate.



Do I have to use my discount at once? 


No, you can use the amount of discount whenever you would like. There is no limit. The only limit is that the discount only counts toward one item. 


I would like to use my discount now.


Please contact Nicole for a discount code. In the message, please let Nicole know which item you'd like the discount for, and what amount you'd like to use. Nicole will send you the coupon code within 24 hours.



Can I use the discount for custom orders?


You may not use the referral discount for customer orders. Majority of large custom orders are already at a discounted price.


What is your referral program policy?


The policy is here.

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