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About Ni-Chern Designs

Who is Ni-Chern? 

Ni-Chern is me, Nicole. Ni-Chern (Nee-Churn) is my Chinese name, meaning little girl. I have been sewing since 1995, and enjoy making products that are practical. My attention to detail makes these products the quality that makes them last. 

Feedback is something that I pay close attention to. Most of the items that are in the shop came from some form of feedback from customers. When there is a basic idea, I sketch the product, and then create a prototype. Before I start to sell the product, I test them out for at least a couple weeks to make sure the functionality is still there, and making it perfect with any other tweaks necessary. I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to sewing. 

Ni-Chern Designs is about authenticity, quality, & functionality.

Everything is made by me. I do not have any else help me cut, sew, packages, etc. There are no manufacturers that I work with. You can guarantee that everything is handmade by me. It is very important to me that the product you receive is from start to finish is from my heart.


Please make yourself at home, browse the shop, connect with me on facebook/twitter/instagram, and/or subscribe to the newsletter.  


P.S. Check out the fabric video (below) that my friend, Christine of Click Photography, created!

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