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2014 Charity Giving

I have been wanting to give back for a little bit, but I wanted to start fresh and new. To give you an idea, I will be donating 10% of Ni-Chern Designs' proceeds to a different charity every year.

Starting in January 2014, I will start by donating to KidsTLC.

Did you know KidsTLC is rated 4 out of 4 stars on Charity Navigator? That's one of the reasons why I picked them!

A little bit about KidsTLC:

KidsTLC is one of Kansas City’s largest organizations providing children with a continuum of care through innovative and successful psychiatric treatment, community outreach, outpatient behavioral health, autism and wellness programs. Services are focused on evidence-based therapies and trauma-informed care, with a strong emphasis on family wellness and preserving the family unit. KidsTLC continues to respond to the growing needs of children in the Kansas City Metro area by adding critically needed services that fill community gaps and alleviate wait times for families to receive care. Programs help children heal on all levels through innovative therapeutic treatment philosophies; chaplaincy services; expressive therapies such as art, play and music therapy; and through a wealth of opportunities to improve the physical health of clients including the movement towards integrating our mental health services with local health clinics that provide physical health services, increased nutrition/wellness education, and opportunities for physical exercise.

What I donate is not an added cost for you. All the money you spend at Ni-Chern Designs, the profit that I make, I give 10% of it to the charity! You have the option of donating to them if you would like to. Donate to KidsTLC so we call can help the children in Kansas City.

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