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How it all got started...

Here is a little back story on how Ni-Chern Designs started to now.

At shows, I get asked how long I have been sewing...

Well, I took a sewing class in junior high, back in 1995... so long ago. I loved it, I made scrunchies for myself and friends... made stuffed pillow, boxer shorts... and then in high school, I helped sew the costumes for the musical. That was a lot fun!

Took a bit of a sewing break in college as I didn't have much time sewing and hanging out in studio.

In 2005, I started sewing little things.

Pouches, wristlets, etc. ... I was thinking about how to pay for all the student loans that I'm accruing, then a friend of mine introduced me to Etsy. Etsy was pretty new at the time, but I joined in 2006 and I wasn't sure what I was going to do. But I started selling early 2007 on Etsy. Started out small with wristlets, and progressed to pouches, coin pouches, etc. Selling at that time was mostly to have something to do over the weekends. I'm a bit of a homebody, so I liked to keep busy.

Look at this... my first sold product on Etsy in 2007!

I'm internally criticizing my sewing skills.

As years went by, business was keeping me pretty busy over the weekends. Started to take it easy in 2011 as my family grew.

Now, in 2015,

I am able to stay home with my children, and still sew at night, and selling at craft shows over the weekend. What do I enjoy the most? Everything. I love hanging out with the kids, and being able to go to their field trips with them, or school parties, etc. I love sewing at night and completing orders. I love meeting people at craft shows, and getting to know them! I truly love it all. It's been hard, and living frugally to make it all work, but it's all worth it.

That's the short version of how I started sewing to where I am now.

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