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I get a lot of questions of who I use, and who I recommend on sites/vendors/etc. that I use. I thought putting this together with links and all makes it easy for you to go to! Let them know that I sent you! 

referral code: 419c7bc4 

If you are searching for a quality inventory website for all your items, you can be overwhelmed with all the websites out there! I tried out a couple, and Craftybase is what I recommend! What I love the most about Craftybase is not only the reasonable price, but great customer service! Customer service is one of the most important thing to me. Nicole and Nathan are based in London. When I send them an email, post something in the forum, etc. They respond within 24 hours, I don’t think I’ve ever had to wait longer than 10 hours. But be understandable that they are across the pond so they can’t respond within the hour. 


To get 10% off, make sure you use my referral code: 419c7bc4 

I am currently using Dutch Label. Allan is great and the customer service that they provide is wonderful. The ordering process is simple.


Please use the link when you purchase so they know that I sent you there! (and i get a kick back when you purchase) :)

Ugly Glass & Co.
Kansas City, MO

Are you just getting into consignment? You're not exactly certain on what to do or who to go to? I recommend Ugly Glass & Co. in the West Bottoms if you are just getting started. The owners are incredibly organized and timely. Any items that sell, they let you know which one from your list of inventory. 

When you start consignment, go to your local shops and talk to the owner, and show them what you have, and how everything works (from contract to payment to display).



This space is for future recommendations. Do you have a question on where I purchase or how I do certain things? Just ask, don't be shy!


If it is a question that I get often, I'll post it here. 


I have been going to for a long time now. They are my go to whenever anyone needs a specific fabric. They're generous to where they give you 37" per yard. 

They always have a special, deal, etc. everyday.

They ship it so timely too! 


I can't recommend them enough! Go wild and buy some fabrics!

Craft Shows Payments

I use both Square Up and Paypal.  They are both pretty comparable in fees. You can see Square Up's fees here, and Paypal's fees here.


I prefer Square Up because of the website usage. It's easy, and it lets you know all the tax you've collected, fees for Square, etc. all in one place. For Paypal, you have to open each individual transaction to see how much was collected for each.


It's all a personal preference.  FYI: the link to the Square is affiliated, if you sign up via my link, you will receive free processing on up to $1,000 in credit card transactions for the first 180 days*. Afterwards, you pay the standard 2.75% per swipe for all major credit cards.



For those just starting out on selling, I really recommend Etsy.  It's well known in the non-handmade community. Even though the policies have really changed for sellers, it is still a good place to start out.  Join teams to get to know other sellers, ask questions, and everyone is super helpful! We all had to start somewhere! 

I have been selling since 2006, and Etsy has just been amazing for me, and would love for you to start out there too! 

Are you in the KC Metro area, and need a class on how to get started? Go here for my classes.


Use the referral link - - and you get 40 free listings. Make sure you sign up using that link.


I currently use WIX. There are lots of beautiful templates that you just drag and drop your photos and info you'd like to the website. 

The site that you currently see is using a Wix template and modifying it to what you see now.

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